Zoaun is dedicated to protecting the privacy and safety of your data. We want to be completely transparent about how we use it—this policy explains what data we collect about you (and why!) and how we use, share and manage your information. It also outlines your choices and rights regarding this data, so please read it carefully.


We collect your data in several ways, including when you choose to share it with us and when you shop on our online channels. The tables below explain what we collect, how we collect it and why.

Your email or phone number

How we obtain your email or phone number Why we collect and how we use this info
When you shop at an Zoaun, we may ask for your email or phone number to contact you about your purchase. If you agree, we may use it to contact you about your purchase (e.g. to send you an e-receipt).
When you shop on our website or app, or call our contact centre to make a purchase, we ask you for your contact info. We need your contact info to give you updates about your order (e.g. to confirm your order, give you delivery updates etc).
You may choose to receive marketing messages from us If you choose to receive marketing from us, we use your data to send you information from UO. 

You can choose to stop talking to us at any time, but we’ll miss you!

Other info about you, such as your name, address, and payment details

How we obtain other info about you Why we collect and how we use this info
When you buy items from our website, app, or contact centre we ask for your name, address, payment details, and contact info. We need this info to: 
• Process your order 
• Deliver goods and services to you 
• Process payments 
• Communicate with you about the status of your order
When you make an account, we ask for your birth date, identified gender, and we may ask you for other info. We use these details to give you birthday surprises and personalize your Zoaun experience so you can easily find what you are most interested in.
When you contact us with a comment, question, or complaint, we’ll ask for information that identifies you. We need this to promptly respond to you. 

We may also use your feedback anonymously to improve our products and services.
If you post to our digital channels (such as reviews or pictures) we get the info you post. We use your feedback to improve your experience on our channels and to improve our products and services.

Technical info, like your IP address, browser, etc.

How we obtain technical info Why we obtain and how we use this info
When you visit our website or app, we collect technical information such as: 
• IP address 
• Your browser type 
• Your operating system 
• How you browse or use our website or app
We need this info to protect your data and our site and app. 

We also use it to improve to improve your experience and to improve our products and services. 

We also use ‘cookies’ and similar tech to collect data about the pages you access or visit. 
• For more about ‘cookies’ and how we use them (including for web-analysis purposes), please see our ‘cookie’ policy.


We like talking to you and sharing the products we think you’ll love. When you agree we can send you marketing, we may share your contact info with other companies so we can reach you on their sites or social channels. If you don’t want that, just tell us, and we’ll stop. 

When we share data, we always demand our partners protect your data and follow the data privacy law. But if you choose to give others your data directly (like Google or Facebook) their rules apply to that data, not ours. We sometimes buy ads on other sites, so even if we don’t share (or have) your data, you might see those ads. Please don’t get mad - we’re not stalking you! We can’t always control how they choose to place our ads.


We may share your data within the Zoaun corporate family. We may also share it with others who help us serve you. We may use our sister companies or other companies to help us process data, host our digital channels, process payments, send communications, fulfill orders, or provide us or you with services. 

We may store data in the United Kingdom, the rest of EU, and the United States. When we send your data outside the EU, we use the European Commission’s standard data protection clauses. We also use digital and other security measures to protect your data and make sure only people who need it can access it. 

We require our service providers to protect your data and use it only as the law allows. They cannot use your data except in helping us provide you with products and services or as allowed by the privacy law and our contracts.


The privacy and security of your data is important to us. We use digital and physical security and process controls to protect your data. We encrypt and anonymize data where we can and when it makes sense to. Even inside our company, we limit access to your data as much as we can. 

We need your help to keep your data safe! When you make an account, we ask you to pick a password. If you give a friend your password, it is much harder for us to keep your data safe. You should not use the same password across sites. That makes your data much less safe, and it’s very hard for us to protect you from someone else’s breach. 

Watch out for the bad guys! Zoaun will never ask you for your password, so if you receive anything suspicious from someone pretending to be us, don’t be tricked into giving them your data.


We need your data to fulfill our contracts with you, provide you great products and excellent service and comply with certain laws. We plan to keep your data until we no longer have a relationship with you or for as long as it is required by contract or law.


We do not want to collect any data from people under the age of 16. If we learn that we collected any such data, we will delete it.


Our goal is to serve you. We know you want to control your data and you have the right to do so. We serve customers all over the world which means data privacy laws can differ in certain countries. Here is a list of the rights you have in the European Union: 
• You can ask us to correct your data or to delete some of it 
• You can ask for a copy of your data or info about what we collect, why and who we share it with 
• You can ask us to transfer data you gave us to other companies 
• You can ask us to stop using some data 
• You can ask us to stop sending you marketing 
• You can make a complaint to a local data protection authority 

Zoaun will defend your rights and work with you to make sure you feel that your data is protected. If you have any questions regarding your rights, please Contact Us. 

To keep you safe, we will need to verify your identity before we can assist you with these rights.


We may update this Policy from time to time. We’ll post the new policy here. This Policy was last updated on 06 May 2019.


Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is working hard to protect your data. Our DPO can help you with questions about this Policy or your data. You can also mail us at : 2383 First Way, Wembley, London, HA9 0JD.